The 12th National Working Meeting and the National Seminar of Industrial Zones Organization at Borobudur Hotel

December 04, 2009
Rakernas ke 12 & Seminar Nasional HKI The 12th National Working Meeting (or Rakernas in Indonesian) and the National Seminar of Industrial Zones Organization was held from December 2 until December 2009 at Borobudur Hotel, Central Jakarta. This Rakernas and seminar adopted the theme "Enhancing Investors and Industries' Competitiveness through the Development of Industrial Zones in pursuant of the Government Regulation No. 24 Year 2009"

PT. KBN Reports the 2009 Work Plan in the preliminary of Stockholders General Meeting

December 03, 2009
PT Board of Directors and Management of PT. KBN, accompanied by Members of the Commissioner Board conducted a preliminary meeting of the 2009 Stockholders General Meeting as well as the 2010 Work Plan and Corporate Budget. Also in attendance at the meeting were several representatives of stakeholders from the Central Government, represented by Assistant Deputy of Industrial Zone and Housing, Mr. Wahyu Hidayat, and Oloan SIregar, a representative of the Jakarta Provincial Administration. The meeting was held in the office of State Ministry for State Owned Enterprises on Wednesday, December 2.

PT. KBN Donates 4 Cows

December 01, 2009
PT As a proof of devotion to Allah Subhanahu wa-ta'ala, on the observance of Idul Adha, the Muslim Day of Sacrifice, PT. KBN on Saturday November 28 donated 4 sacrificial cows to be slaughtered at PT. KBN Cakung Head Office. Three of the cows were given from PT. KBN, the other one from PT. Glorious, a company investing at PT. KBN. The cows were symbolically given by PT. KBN Operation Director, Riyodian B. Pratikto to H.Toha Muzaqi, a representative of the board of Darussalam KBN mosque

Marketing Division Inspects Central Java Industrial Zone

November 30, 2009
Marketing Division Inspects Central Java Industrial Zone In an effort to get more information on the latest development of garment industries/garment companies, a comparative study to various locations in Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Subang, Sukabumi and Semarang, including in Pringapus, Ungaran Sub District, was conducted by PT. KBN. Garment industry is one of the most dominant industries at PT. KBN, Based on the observation made in Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi area, the number of garment industries has recently dwindled due to the increase of provincial minimum wage, which is above Rp 1 million per month, excluding extra hour payment.

PT.KBN Commissioner Inspects Premises

November 25, 2009
Commissioner of PT. KBN Ibnu Purna accompanied by Operation Director Riyodian B. Pratikto, Director Manager of Cakung SBU, Alfian Harris, Head of Internal Auditor Bureau, Syamsul Monoarfa, Corporate Secretary M. Sitohang and Physical Service Manager Krisna Ryjanaka, conducted an inspection to a number of industrial premises at KBN Cakung.

Taiwanese Entrepreneurs Delegation Visit PT. KBN

November 25, 2009
A delegation of twenty Taiwanese entrepreneurs, who join the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), chaired by Mr. Lester Leu and co-chaired by James KS Chen from Taiwan Trade Center Jakarta, on Monday November 24, paid a visit to the Head Office of PT KBN (Persero) in Cakung. The visit was intended to follow up the investors' interest to make investment (in PT. KBN) as well as to observe this industrial zone - the biggest industrial zone in North Jakarta with the most complete infrastructure facilities as well as easiness in getting license to make investment.

KBN Hosts Logistic In House Training

November 19, 2009

Marunda Bridge Is Damaged

November 13, 2009
The Marunda Artery Bridgeat Cilincing, North Jakarta, is damaged andholey. The damage has not been severe yet but it disrupts traffic continuity atthis economic track. The bridge has been repaired few months ago by the DKI JakartaGeneral Works Office.  Recently, the asphalt on the bridge looks cracked, and thereis a 10 centimeters hole in the middle of the bridge with 50 centimetersdiameter.     

Industries Are Suggested Using Generator Set

November 10, 2009
The President Director of the National Electrical Company (PLN), Fahmi Mochtar said that the electrical growth in Jakarta had achieved 9% every year with the set capacity of only 4,500 megawatt (MW). Menwhile, the high electricity load is 5,200 MW. This is the accumulation of the least electricity investment in the last few years, and rotating blackouts happens because of imbalanced supply with electrical load.

November 10, 2009

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The increasing number of residential areas in North Jakarta has called for the need to have more sanitary facilities. As a state-owned enterprise which has the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, PT KBN did its social duty by building 5 toilets in some villages in Jakarta, such as the ones in Semper Timur sub-district and Cilincing sub-district, North Jakarta.

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