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Although there is autonomy, Papua still struggling: Experts

Poverty, minimal education and lack of health care services are still whip Papua eight years after the opportunity to provide centralized control of the regional autonomy in the province, said the speakers at a seminar in Jakarta on Tuesday, The Jakarta Post reported.

Government of Papua are at this time of corruption and hold fast to the traditional values that assume that does not need to support democracy or development, the speaker of the suspect.

"The authorities (Papua) have failed to provide basic needs to the local community," said S. Muridan Widjojo, a researcher from the Research Center of the Political Science Institute of Indonesia (LIPI).

In 2001, the national government to give special autonomy to Papua, which allows the formation of Society of Papua (MRP) and the introduction of traditional law to settle issues of law.

"Many leaders are selected only because they are the children of local politicians," said Widjojo.

Yusak Reba, Strengthening of Civil Society Institutions to Papua, to provide a similar assessment, saying that the government has failed to implement the Papua special autonomy for the welfare of the community.

"Attempts to build basic educational facilities is not successful," said Widjojo.

Vidhyandika D. Mighty's Center for Strategic and International Studies, said that five years ago, Papua kemisikinan leg is twice the national stage.

"Central Statistics Agency data shows that in 2004, almost 39% of the people of Papua living below the poverty line," said Mighty.

In 2005, the index of human development in the region is 62.1, which is the lowest among the 33 provinces in Indonesia.

Perkasa said that some leaders are still putting the interests of Papua family as their priority in the running of government. "As such, they do not see a problem in helping their family members who need the money by using funds from local budgets, because they fear the karma more than the law."

He also added that traditional values are also not allowing people of Papua who came from a different clan from the local leaders to participate in the government.

"A government survey in 2006 showed that 71% of respondents believe that the number of cases of corruption in Papua high," said Mighty.

According to LIPI, the central government provides funds around Rp1, 3 trillion to Rp1, 5 trillion every year to Papua to support the projects of special autonomy, but only some are used for health and education.

Yudhoyono visits ASEAN shortened

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and other ASEAN leaders were forced to cut short their visit to Thailand for the annual Southeast Asian groups, as anti-government supporters attacked the security of Thailand in the vicinity of the meeting, Agency France-Presse reported.

Prime Minister of Thailand on Saturday said in a brief state of emergency in the coastal resort of Pattaya and Chonburi province after the attack pendemo meeting area.

"The government tasked to handle the leaders who will be flying from Thailand," said Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva in a television speech in Thailand.

"The situation is very serious as this, the government has decided to emergencies in Pattaya and Chonburi to handle the situation."

Yudhoyono rombongannya and not to the military air field U-Tapao. Although their previous ditawari a helicopter to get to the location of the meeting, they had to wait two hours until the decision to cancel the meeting was made and they can rise to the plane to return home.

Helicopter from the roof of the hotel used to mengevakuasi foreign leaders who have arrived at the location for the meeting.

Philippines President Gloria Arroyo appears to ascend to a civilian helicopter that landed on the roof of the hotel. Police also said that the Prime Minister of Myanmar Thein sein has diterbangkan helicopter to the U-Tapao.


SBY ready to advance to the second period

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who appears to be advanced to the second period in government. Yudhoyono began to plan his re-election campaign on Friday after partainya won the most seats in the general election, according to official results have not yet, Agency France-Presse reported.

Democrat is a moderate success to the dramatic transformation of a new political party in 2001 to become the most powerful party in the House of Representatives after a general election took place peacefully in general on Thursday, according to the institutions of independent surveys.

Surveys by the projection of Indonesia (LSI) show Democrat victory with 20.48%, according to the paper hitungannya-paper sound of a representative sample of 2100 poll.

Opposition party, the Indonesian Democratic Party Struggle (PDI-P) said that mengusung predecessor as president, Megawati Sukarnoputri is to obtain 14.33% and the party authorities in the days of Suharto, Golkar, with strict follow with 13.95%.

Some institutions are also other independent surveys give a similar projection, which is also in line with opinion surveys before the election. Calculations will not end up out May 9.

Islamic parties won about a number of projected 26% vote, which is the worst in the history of Indonesia for this because the community is now focused on issues such as world growth and employment in the period of this global economic crisis.

"We will begin tomorrow to political communication, communication (with other parties)," Yudhoyono said to journalists in his home on Thursday night. With careful to avoid any claim of victory, he added: "We will see what the coalition will do and how many presidential candidates who meet the requirements."

Yudhoyono said that he will welcome all parties, but stressed the importance of a formal coalition in which its members have the same commitment towards the same goal. During his reign, efforts have been reformasinya often terhalangi by the minister's political parties who hold the same or less a matter of reform.

"A contract must be clearly politically defined. Ethics between the parties that berkoalisi must be clear and I hope there is a written agreement between the parties that berkoalisi, "Yudhoyono said in a press conference in his home in Bogor, West Java.

"According to me, they have the intention to run a better government for years to come limat should form a coalition, from the ideology of any kind, provided that they have a good record," he said, while adding that discussions have started the party.

The President said that he spoke with Vice President Jusuf Kalla, the head of Golkar, over the phone. A spokesperson for Kalla said that the vice president has been calling Yudhoyono to congratulate him, while adding "the president said to him that this is a shared victory".

The analysts said they expect a continuation of the policies of market-friendly, especially if Yudhoyono remains financially instalirati minister, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, teknokrat and the other in the cabinet.


Sumsel terrorists imprisoned 12 years

A court in Jakarta on Tuesday that three militant groups associated with the congregation Islamiyah regional terrorist (JI) guilty for alleged terrorism and menjatuhi their imprisonment and 12 years old, Agency France-Presse reported.

The three men are - Agustyawarman, Heri Purwanto and Sugianto - guilty because berkonspirasi and take action as part of a terrorism suspect JI group of 10 people in Palembang, South Sumatra, Jun ago.

The three men are declared guilty to their involvement in the plans of separate but given the same punishment as "the devil conspiracy," said head judge Nurcahyo Aswan to the South Jakarta District Court.

The judge stated that Purwanto guilty to involvement in the murder of a teacher named Dago Simamora in the year 2007 and also with a hammer attack on a Christian pastor Joshua Winardi.

Purwanto and both have proven Agustyawarman plan attacks against the other clergy.

Agustyawarman also evidently involved in planning a bomb a cafe in West Sumatera adventurers, saying that the suspect will be canceled because of concerns of Muslim victims of the fall.

"Factors that aggravate punishment the defendant is the fact that they never show up feeling sorry for what they were doing. All action is done with their conscious, "said Judge Nurcahyo.

Their lawyers said they intend appeal.


Enjoy a peaceful election in Aceh

Elections held in Aceh peacefully on Thursday, Agency France-Presse reported.

Election to the board of representatives of local councils and representatives of the people is the first in the province since the peace agreement in 2005 that the civil war for 30 years that killed 15,000 people.

Aceh Party consisting of the former rebel Free Aceh Movement (GAM), can participate in the general election as part of a peace agreement in 2005, is expected to dominate.

Declare victory in the party on Friday in the legislative elections that were held simultaneously in all of Indonesia, The Jakarta Globe reported.

"Based on reports we receive from the party election observer in our places of voting in all of Aceh, our party has won 75% vote," said party spokesman Adnan Beuransyah.

He said that the sound recording for the Aceh Party is approaching 90% in areas such as Pidie, Pidie Jaya, Bireuen, North Aceh, East Aceh and Lhokseumawe city, which is a strong areas GAM during the conflict 29 years with the Armed Forces.

Independent Election Commission (KIP) of Aceh have not yet announced any official results from election day Thursday, which also compete with the national parties large.

Monitor the institution that is supported by the U.S. eCARD said that the vote in general elections held net. Based on observations eCARD volunteers, no violations or only minor problems during the process of polling and the vote 74.1% in the poll, said a press release.

Some 19.5% of volunteers said that there are violations or problems, but not enough to significantly affect the final results. Only 2.9% of volunteers said that there are many violations that can affect the results of the election in the poll.

LAW & Rules

Garuda Indonesia pilot imprisoned because the landing off the

Weeks ago the court impose a prison sentence of two years to the Garuda Indonesia pilot who landed at the airport and the fall of 2007, which killed 21 people, of negligence kriminalnya, Agency France-Presse reported.

"The defendant, Marwoto Komar, the law and ensure kelalian criminal guilty to causing the plane fall and cause the loss of lives of others," the judge said the head of the Sri Andini to the country's Sleman court.

The court decided to impose a heavy penalty, a legal action that is not normal according to international standards, because the number of victims who died and the fact that the Komar "did not show a sense menyesalnya during the trial," said Andini.

The punishment is lighter than the four years required by the claimant on the action Komar when he tried to land the Boeing 737 high speed in Yogyakarta airport on 7 March.

The aircraft burned after a slip at the end of the field to track the airport. Five Australians, diplomatic staff and journalists, including the victim died.

Komar, who put on uniforms pilotnya although the court was in the sack from the company due to a national aviation incident, told the court that he will appeal against the decision.

The pilot in the council still blame damaged valve plane jet, which caused a high speed when the plane landed akan.

However a report by the committee to prove that Indonesian security Komar did not heed warnings 15 automatically say to him that he was too fast.


Needed more training to Jakarta Hospital, perespon

Hospital-a hospital in Jakarta in readiness for an emergency, said Department of Health officials, but a member of the Association of Public Health said scientists still need training, The Jakarta Post reported.

Head of the Department of Health Crisis Center Rustam Pakaya said that the doctors and paramedics in 120 hospitals in Jakarta ready to face an emergency such as earthquake and flood, and the hospital is a hospital-made anti-earthquake.

According to Kemal Siregar, a member of the Association of Public Health Scientists, hospitals, hospitals in the capital has been prepared with a better than hospital-hospitals in the cities or other districts.

"We still have many things for the preparation. We need to make an emergency training scenario. Staff should be trained how to handle people in the disaster. The biggest weakness (of the hospital system) is the lack of coordination, "said Siregar.

He said that an ambulance, an ambulance is part of the health infrastructure needs improvement.

"Ambulance, ambulance personnel should be equipped with the The, not just the driver. Many ambulance personnel are trained only to carry the victims, and they do not know how to give first aid or save lives, "said Siregar.

Hospital emergency preparedness is highlighting World Health Day, which falls on 7 April.

WHO Director General Margaret Chan said that a tragedy such as an emergency or major disaster will be more severe when the health facilities is not sufficient.

"When a hospital or decay function is interrupted, the souls who depend on emergency care can be lost. Interruptions in the service routine can also be shut off, "he said.

Jabodetabek witnessing a disaster shut down two weeks ago when at least 100 people killed and hundreds of homes destroyed after a levee failure Situ Gintung.

Fatmawati Hospital handles most of the victims of the disaster, treating 16 of 30 victims sent to hospital-the hospital.

Head of Health, Jakarta Ernawati Dien, said that the hospital responded to the disaster Situ Gintung sufficient.

According Pakaya, the doctors and paramedics in Jakarta is ready for emergency situations.

"The members of the public is that they need to be trained for disaster," he said.


Welcome the efforts of legislative elections

Joint Stock Price Index in the Stock Exchange has the opportunity to increase 23% by the end of this year, when the general pmilihan will the country can ensure stability.

Investment Director of PT. Jamsostek, Elvyn G. Masassya quoted by Bloomberg estimate, at the end of the year, JCI will be able to reach the position of 1800, up 23% from the position at this time.

According to Bloomberg data, Indonesia succeeded in interesting the second largest equity fund from 9 Asian countries during 2009.

"This is a time for us to build investment in the form of shares with a value of fundamentals," said Elvyn that estimate the number of assets reaching Rp61, 7 billion ($ 5.5 billion).

Elvyn said that Jamsostek akan enter new investment in infrastructure, mining and financial stocks-shares. The funds will improve the allocation of shares from the portfolio at this time reached 15%. Elvyn but does not mention the amount of certainty.

Chairman of Kadin M.S. Hidayat ago on Friday said that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in the presidential election in July has come a greater mandate to create synergy in the economic impact of the crisis that occurred at this time.

"We will face challenges such as greater unemployment during the global crisis that occurred at this time. To overcome this, we need a political coalition that stronger policies to accelerate the implementation of economic government, "said Hidayat, who is quoted by The Jakarta Post.

"We need a strong government policies and decisions are supported by the House of Representatives, that there are no rules or policies that are not clear," said Thomas Darmawan, keua Association of Food and Drink (GAPMMI).

Meanwhile, the increase in industrial activity during the first quarter is estimated to have increasing power consumption. Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati on Monday said, power consumption, the industry increased 2.5% from the previous quarter.

This, according to Sri, indicating increase in industrial activity in the country, because of the rising domestic demand.

However, according to Sri Mulyani, the increasing power consumption is not too significant, given the large decline during the previous quarter.

Number of export to the United States is estimated to have increased also. Despite the increase during the month of January, but officials said it does not reflect the overall trend.

Previously, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported that non-oil exports to Indonesia 3.9% United States rose to $ 802.4 million in February from $ 772.3 million in the previous month. Indonesia to export to the United States consists of footwear, textile, garment and electronic equipment simple.



Menkeu: first quarter economic growth 4,3-4,8%

Indonesia economy is estimated during the first quarter grew 4.3% to 4.8% from the same period last year.

"Projections of economic growth in Australia for the first quarter more optimistic compared with other countries of the condition at this time .. even though the risk reduction of economic growth is still there," said Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati on Tuesday quoted by the Reuters.

Previously, Bank Indonesia estimate the economic growth reached 4.6% against the same period last year.

Weeks ago, the World Bank to provide projections of lower growth for Indonesia, from the previous 4.4% to 3.4% for the year 2009.

Pulse Asia said the report, the Asian Development Bank predicts economic growth this year will be 3.6%, down from 6.1% in the year 2008.

Jelang elections, increase consumer trust index

Consumer trust index in March rose to the highest position since December 2007. Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia (BI) shows that this increase in campaign spending triggered by the political parties before the election. According to Reuters reports, political parties and legislative candidates to spend large enough to attract sympathy around 170 million registered voters.

BI survey conducted shows that "this enthusiasm will continue until the upcoming Presidential Election that will increase consumer spending."

Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia, involving 4,600 families in 18 cities in Indonesia, the Index shows that consumer trust increase to 98.6 in March from 96.4 in February, the highest since December 2007 when the index reached 99.1.

Other surveys conducted by Danareksa Research Institute, also showed improvement sentiment. Index increase to 87.8 in March from 82.9 in February.

"Membaiknya level of consumer confidence in economic conditions showed improvement in rural areas, where many of these benefits because of the coming harvest season." So according to a survey conducted by the Danareksa.

Figures under 100 for the second survey showed a tendency pesimistik from consumers.

On Monday, the Governor of BI Boediono said that the rupiah akan menguat at the end of the year because of the inclusion of the flow of investment return after the election run smoothly.

"This is money belonging to the Indonesian people, who at this time for a while diparkir abroad during the election and will return to Indonesia," said Boediono cited by Bloomberg.

Bank Indonesia also indicated that cooperation exchange currency (currency Swaps) with Japan and China, akan mempekruat the rupiah "in the margin."

Boediono said, at this time BI are learning Flexible Credit Line facility provided by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). However, considering the political situation at this time, Indonesia will not use the credit.

The position also estimated akan menguat countries after the G-20 to reach agreement on the money market rules, including increased supervision of the initial transaction (hedging) and derivatives trading, tax fraud in addition to the compensation arrangements and bonus.

Government funding search facility trade

Government to negotiate with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) - the investment unit of the World Bank - in an effort to get trade financing facilities, especially the export trade.

"We have been getting half a billion (U.S. Dollars) for funding from the Japanese trade," said Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati on Tuesday at the State Palace. "IFC and ADB will also provide assistance. We're currently preparing the draft commitment, "said Sri Mulyani quoted by The Jakarta Post.

According to Sri Mulyani, the funds obtained from the facilities funding would be allocated to fund the revitalization of Bank Export Indonesia - the institution established by the government of money and time has changed to Indonesian Export Financing Institutions (LPEI).

LPEI will provide funding for facilities with different banks in general. Requirements submitted by the LPEI relatively easy and will provide a loan facility for new players, who did not get the facilities of commercial banking.

LPEI be formed based on the law that was passed by the House of Representatives in December 2008 days ago.

The liquidity crisis that occurred at this time, it is expected LPEI akan can help the exporters to enter new markets, and complements the existing funding schemes currently provided by commercial banks.

Sri Mulyani not mention the amount of funds expected from the negotiations. However, the business, especially exporters, in order to ask the government to help the pengussaha Indonesia to get access to funding.

Chairman of Kadin, MS Hidayat, said the funds needed at least a $ 1 billion to prevent the further decline in exports.

Central Bureau of Statistics data showed the value of carry non-oil exports rose 28.3% to $ 12.3 billion in the first 2 months indari year $ 17.1 billion in the same period last year.

The overall export value reached $ 14.2 billion during the period, down 34.5% from $ 21.7 billion from the previous year.

Indonesia Japan and increase the exchange value of currency

Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Bank of Japan agreed to enhance bilateral cooperation exchange currency in accordance with the framework of Chiang Mai Initiative to $ 12 billion from $ 6 billion that was agreed earlier.

Deputy Governor of BI, Hartadi Sarwono cited Pulse Asia, said the facility can be used when Indonesia occasionally require additional supply of foreign currency.

Director of Economic Research, BI, Made Sukanda said, increase the value of the currency exchange will increase market confidence and encourage the entry of capital from abroad to India

Until now, foreign currency reserves of Indonesia reached $ 54.8 billion is still considered to be sufficient to pay the debt and foreign government export demand for 5.9 months.

LPS lowering interest government guaranteed the deposits

Company of savings (LPS) has been lower interest Rupiah deposits that the government guaranteed 50 basis points to be 7.75%. However, for the dollar, fixed deposit interest rate of 2.75%.

Director LPS, Firdaus Djaelani cited by Reuters, said the decision will come into force on 15 April and will be expected to trigger commercial banks to lower interest rate mind.

Previous week, Bank Indonesia (BI) reduce the interest rate mind (BI rate) by 25 basis points to be 7.5%. Since December, the BI has acuanya lower interest rate of 2 percentage points, as the anticipation of the crisis that occurred at this time and decreasing the level of inflation.

"The pressure began to decrease inflation, BI rate also decreased liquidity and banking sector have also improved," said Firdaus.

Maturitas Samurai Bond 10 years

Samurai bonds that will be offered by the government planned to have a high maturitas 5 to 10 years and will be offered with a view market conditions. Therefore according to Sri Mulyani Indrawati on Tuesday as quoted by Reuters.

"We will see the market conditions and the right time in 2009 or 2010," said Sri Mulyani.

Ministry of Finance target acquisition fund of $ 1.5 billion from the sale of these bonds.

Director General of debt management, Rahmat Waluyanto, said bonds will be released in several stages.


The Government consider funding for fiber optics in Eastern Indonesia

The government plans to consider the use of state budget funds for the development of the fiber optic cable network in Eastern Indonesia. According to Antara, a network called the Palapa Ring has a distance of 11,000 km from Sulawesi to Maluku and Papua.

Communication and Information Minister, Muhammad Nuh, said donations from the Information Technology sector years ago reached Rp7 trillion ($ 623 million) in the form of non-tax revenues to the state budget last year.

The government hopes will be able to use the funds and the cost of Universal Service obligation (Uso) to develop projects related to information, communication and technology, including Palapa Ring.

The use of these funds, which at this time to include in the Budget, must get approval from the House of Representatives.

The project will be made by 4 companies, namely the service provider PT Telkomsel, PT Indosat, PT Excelcomindo Pratama and PT Bakrie Telecom.

Previously, members of a consortium of companies to reach 7. Until now, the consortium succeeded in collecting only the funds of $ 180 million from $ 225 million needed. This causes tertundanya pelaksaan project.

In addition, the global crisis also has lower rupiah exchange rate, thus increasing the cost of the project.


Citilink akan earn 5 units of the Garuda Boeing

The Government of Indonesia akan switch unit five Boeing 737-300 to Citilink, a state-owned airline Garuda. Garuda akan do release (spin off) in June. According to Asia Pulse, Citilink currently has 3 units of aircraft consisting of 2 units of Boeing 737-300 and Boeing 737-400.

Vice President Citilink, Joseph Saul, said Citilink akan hope to get 10 units of aircraft at the end of this year, when the company began to operate as independent airlines.

According to him, Citilink will start to operate with initial capital of Rp300 billion, including Rp75 billion from the Garuda as a shareholder.

Citilink back the flight path in September 2008 to 16 domestic routes after the cease operating in January.


United States Export Import Bank approved a loan for $ 1milyar Lion Air

Export Import Bank of the United States agreed to provide loans of $ 1 billion for the purchase of new fleet

"Export Import Bank of the United States to provide loans to the Lion Air the competitive interest rate and access to credit is the same as that given to other countries," said United States Ambassador, Cameron R. Hume tertulisnya in a statement in Jakarta on Monday quoted Dow Jones.

In the description mentioned that the Export Import Bank provided a loan of $ 238 million for the purchase of fleet Boeing (BA) 737-900ER and before the $ 841 million. With this amount, the Lion Air will be able to buy 30 passenger aircraft unit.

We delighted to be able to offer to the Lion Air export credit insurance costs low through this agreement that could reduce the legal risks associated with cross-border, financing, and lease planes that are funded by assets, "said Vice President of Exim Bank's Line of Transportation Robert Morin , separately.

This new funding is possible after the ratification and implementation of the Cape Town Treaty successfully implemented, which allows airlines to save Brazil millions of dollars in financing to fund them. Cape Town Treaty is an international standard which aspects of the transaction, including aircraft and aircraft engines, particularly in the case of rentals and the provision of assets.


BI akan publish new atutan to increase credit

Bank Indonesia (BI) will issue new rules on credit problems (Non-Performing Loan).

"Banks complain that this is not fair. What we expect is anticipating credit problems and prevent the occurrence of this, "said Boediono day in an interview Monday that quoted by Bloomberg. "We think this is the appropriate action."

Number of credit problems this year is estimated to be increased.

"We also continue to strive to improve the growth of credit," said Boediono. "One way is to provide opportunities for restructuring the loan."

BI also encourage commercial banks to increase the amount of basic capital increase as anticipated credit problems.

BI credit growth target of at least 15% this year after previous years ago to reach 31%.

Credit problems (Non-performing loan) that credit is not paid, both principal repayments and interest, within 90 days after. Credit is not paid within 180 days is considered kedit that can not be restored.

Johanes Bambang Kendarto, salah seorang direktur PT Bank Mega di Jakarta, menyambut baik keputusan BI untuk merubah definisi dari non-performing loans untuk mengurangi tekanan terhadap bank.

Tahun 2005 lalu, BI memperketat syarat pemberian kredit sebagai upaya untuk meningkatkan transparansi dan menjual saham perbankan untuk mendapatkan Rp450 triliun ($39,6 milyar) untuk membantu bank-bank yang terkena dampak krisis Asia tahun 1997-98 lalu.

Keputusan tersebut diambil menyusul aksi peningkatan suku bunga pinjaman karena membaiknya kondisi ekonomi.

BRI akan buka 4000 ATM baru

BUMN Perbankan PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) akan membuka 4000 mesin ATM baru tahun ini. Direktur Operasional Sarwono Sudarto yang dikutip Asia Pulse pada hari Kamis lalu mengatakan, dengan penambahan mesin ATM tersebut, maka BRI akan memiliki 6700 ATM, atau yang terbanyak di Indonesia.

BRI, yang tahun lalu mencatat perolehan laba bersih terbesar, juga akan membangun 1.500 kantor cabang baru pada akhir tahun ini. Dengan demikian, jumlah kantor cabang BRI akan menjadi 7.000 kantor.


PLN akan tetapkan harga beli listrik

PT PLN mendapatkan mandat untuk menentukan harga beli listrik dari para produsen listrik. Hal ini diharapkan akan memberikan keleluasaan ditengah kondisi ekonomi saat ini.

Dirjen Kelistrikan, J. Purwono yang dikutip oleh The Jakarta Post mengatakan, mandat tersebut berdasarkan keputusan Menteri Energi dan Sumber Daya Mineral tentang harga beli listrik dari pengusaha listrik swasta yang disahkan minggu lalu.

“(Alasan aturan ini) adalah harga jual listrik tidak menghambat investasi. Iklim investasi menetapkan harga jual listrik yang menarik (dimata investor) dan pada saat yang sama, sesuai dengan kebutuhan masyarakat,” kata Purwono.

Harga beli ditentukan berdasarkan beberapa indikator termasuk jenis, lokasi dan kapasitas pembangkit listrik, indikator makro ekonomi, jenis bahan bakar, kualitas dan nilai tukar.

“Oleh sebab itu, PLN dapat membeli listrik dengan harga yang berbeda untuk jenis usaha yang berbeda,” kata Purwono yang menambahkan bahwa PLN harus mendapatkan ijin pemerintah sebelum menetapkan harga jual tersebut.

Pemerintah akan memainkan peranan yang lebih besar dalam penentuan harga beli listrik.

Awal tahun ini, pemerintah telah mengumumkan harga jual listrik antara $0,58 sen hingga $0,8 sen per KWH.

Pemenang listrik swasta dan penentuan harga beli listrik ditentukan melalui beberapa mekanisme , termasuk diantaranya lelang terbuka, penunjukan langsung dan seleksi langsung.

Listrik swasta diharapkan akan dapat memasok 40% dari proyek kelistrikan 10.000 MW PLN tahap kedua yang akan mulai beroperasi tahun 2014.

Program kelistrikan 10.000MW tahap pertama yang diluncurkan tahun 2006 lalu difokuskan untuk meningkatkan kapasitas kelistrikan sistem Jawa-Bali dan seluruh pembangkit listrik dimiliki oleh PLN.

Pertamina memerlukan $3,5 milyar untuk pembangunan PLTU

PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy memerlukan dana sebesar $3,52 milyar untuk memenuhi target pembangunan PLTU tenaga panas bumi dengan kapasitas total sebesar 1.340 MW sampai dengan tahun 2014.

Direktur Operasional, Suryadharma yang dikutip oleh Asia Pulse mengatakan, beberapa proyek mulai beroperasi seperti Kamojang (200 MW), Sibayak (12 MW) dan Lahendong (60 MW)

Suryadharma mengatakan, untuk kebutuhan tersebut, Pertamina tidak akan mencari pinjaman perbankan karena pembangunan PLTU ini akan dilakukan dalam beberapa tahap dalam beberapa tahun ke depan,

Namun, sebaiknya, jurubicara Pertamina Anang Rizkani Noor mengatakan bahwa beberapa proyek seperti PLTP Lumut Balai 1-4, Lahendong 5-6 dan Ulubelu 3-4 akan didanai oleh bank Dunia.

Truba Alam cari pinjaman $189 juta untuk pembangunan PLTU

PT Truba Alam Manunggal Engineering mencari pinjaman dana sebesar $189 juta untuk pembangunan pembangkit listrik tenaga batubara. Pejabat Hubungan Investor, Gamala Katoppo yang dikutip Asia Pulse pada hari Senin lalu, mengatakan, Truba akan membangun PLTU dengan kapasitas 270-MW di Kuala Tanjung, Sumatra Utara segera setelah dana yang diperlukan tersedia.

Gamala mengatakan, pihaknya akan mencari pinjaman dari perbankan lokal dan asing. Pembangkit tersebut diharapkan akan mulai beroperasi tahun 2011 dan memerlukan biaya sebesar $270 juta.

Menurut laporan Investor Daily, pembangkit tersebut akan dibangun bekerjasama dengan Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding.


Eni temukan cadangan minyak di lepas pantai Kalimantan Timur

Perusahaan minyak dan gas terbesar asal Italia, Eni SpA, menemukan cadangan minyak baru di lepas pantai Kalimantan Timur.

Dalam pernyataan tertulisnya pada Hari Senin, seperti yang dikutip oleh Reuters, Eni mengatakan bahwa penemuan yang disebut sebagai ”Jangkrik Discovery” tersebut berada di kedalaman 400 meter dan merupakan kesuksesan dalam kegiatan eksplorasi Eni di Cekungan Kutei dan membuktikan bahwa wilayah tersebut memiliki potensi hidrokarbon yang sangat besar.

Eni akan melakukan pemboran lanjutan untuk mengetahui aspek teknis dan komersil pengembangan lapangan tersebut.

Eni juga berpartisipasi dalam pengembangan lapangan gas di Blok Rapak dan Blok Ganal yang terletak di Cekungan Kutai.

Di Cekungan Tarakan, Eni melakukan 2 penemuan cadangan hidrokarbon, Aster dan Tulip dalam dua tahun terakhir. Saat ini kedua penemuan tersebut masih dalam penelitian lanjut.

Saat ini Eni memiliki saham kerja di 11 wilayah di Indonesia dan mengoperasikan 6 diantaranya. Lapangan laut dalam terletak di Cekungan Tarakan, Cekungan Kutai dan Sumatra Utara.

Kegiatan Eni lainnya adalah di Delta Mahakam, Kalimantan Timur dimana Eni memiliki ekuitas sebesar 20.000 barrel per hari (setara minyak).

PGN akan investasikan $150 juta tahun ini

Perusahaan distributor gas, PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) akan menyiapkan modal usaha sebesar $150 juta untuk tahun ini. Sekertaris Perusahaan, Wahid Sutopo yang dikutip oleh Asia Pulse mengatakan, dana tersebut akan digunakan untuk pembangunan jaringan transmisi dan distribusi pipa gas di beberapa wilayah di Indonesia.

Wahid mengatakan, salah satu proyek yang dilakukan adalah penggantian jalur pipa Grissik-Singapura, ruas Tungkal dan Panaran yang mengalirkan gas dari Jambi ke Singapura.

Pipa sepanjang 23 km telah disambungkan di ruas Kuala Tungkal-Panaran yang berjarak 110 km dari lapangan gas Grissik. Selain itu, PGN juga akan membangun ruas pipa gas di Jawa Barat

TPPI direncanakan kembali beroperasi bulan Mei

Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indotama (TPPI), perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang petrokimia, direncanakan akan mulai kembali beroperasi pada bulan Mei setelah sebelumnya berhenti beroperasi selama 15 bulan. Produksi pertama akan dilakukan pada akhir bulan Mei dan akan memenuhi kebutuhan dalam negeri. Hal tersebut dikatakan oleh salah seorang sumber yang dikutip hari Selasa lalu oleh Reuters.

Kompleks petrokimia TPPI berhenti beroperasi sejak bulan Februari 2008 karena adanya kebocoran dinding penahan dari air laut.

"TPPI akan mulai beroperasi pada bulan Mei dan produksi pertama akan siap sebelum bulan Juni,” kata sumber tersebut.

Kompleks yang berlokasi di Tuban, Jawa Timur tersebut mengalami penundaan operasional menyusul rendahnya harga bahan petrokimia di pasaran.

Pada bulan Desember lalu, TPPI menandatangani kerjasama dengan PT Pertamina untuk memasok bahan bakar, sehingga TPPI akan dapat mengurangi produksi aromatiknya dan meningkatkan produksi bahan bakar kendaraan bermotor yang lebih menguntungkan. TPPI memiliki kapasitas produksi bahan bakar sebanyak 50.000 barel setiap harinya. Namun tidak diketahui apakah seluruhnya akan dialokasikan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Pertamina.

Pertamina telah meningkatkan stok bahan bakarnya dari 18 hari menjadi 19 hari dan diperkirakan akan meningkat menjadi 20 hari, menjelang pemilu legislatif dan pemilu presiden pada tanggal 8 Juli mendatang.

Salah seorang pejabat TPPI pada bulan Desember lalu mengatakan, harga jual bensin ke Pertamina akan mengikuti harga pasar. Pertamina sepakat untuk menjual bensin dengan angka oktan 88 1,2% diatas harga pasar.

Pasar petrokimia telah kembali pulih. Pabrik-pabrik dikabarkan telah mulai meningkatkan produksi menyusul naiknya permintaan dari China.

Saat ini TPPI sedang melakukan pembicaraan dengan regulator BP Migas mengenai pasokan kondensat untuk bulan Mei mendatang.

Sebelum kilang TPPI ditutup, perusahaan asal Eropa, Vitol yang merupakan salah satu pemberi pinjaman untuk pembangunan kilang tersebut, adalah pembeli utama produk-produk TPPI selain memasok kebutuhan bahan baku yang dibutuhkan.

TPPI juga membeli kondensat yang diproduksikan oleh Pertamina dan Total, yang memproduksikan kondensat Senipah. TPPI juga mengimpor naphtha.

Saham TPPI dimiliki oleh Pertamina (15%), PT Tuban Petrochemical Industries (59,5%), dan sisanya dimiliki oleh perusahaan Thailand Siam Cement dan perusahaan Jepang Sojitz Corp dan Itochu Corp.

Pertamina terima “standby loan” $3 milyar

PT Pertamina telah memperoleh “standby loan” senilai $3 milyar (Rp36 triliun) dari 13 institusi pendanaan lokal dan internasional.

“Kami akan menggunakan pinjaman tersebut untuk proyek-proyek hulu dan hilir untuk meningkatkan produksi minyak dan meningkatkan distribusi LPG ke masyarakat,” kata direktur keuangan Pertamina, Frederick Siahaan pada hari Kamis.

Menurut Frederick, Pertamina telah mengalokasikan modal kerja sebesar $2 milyar.


Ekspor timah bulan Maret naik 29%

Ekspor timah olahan Indonesia pada bulan maret lalu diperkirakan naik sebesar 29% teradap bulan yang sama tahun lalu.

"Sepertinya, krisis global tidak banyak berdampak kepada permintaan timah dari Indonesia,” kata Alberth Yusuf Tobogu, direktur ekspor untuk produk pertambangan dan industri Departemen Perdagangan yang dikutip pada hari Selasa lalu oleh Reuters

Sekitar 82% atau 9.141 ton timah dikapalkan ke Singapura dan sisanya ke Malaysia, China, Thailand dan Korea Selatan.

Harga timah, yang digunakan untuk kemasan dan bahan solder untuk komponen elektronik, telah turun sebanyak 57% dari titik tertinggi sepanjang sejarah yaitu $25.500 per ton pada bulan Mei tahun lalu.

Harga timah di London Metal Exchange mencapai $10.870/$10.770 per ton di perdagangan Asia pada hari Selasa.

Indonesia diperkirakan telah mengekspor 11.086,42 ton timah olahan pada bulan Maret, naik dari 8.606,27 ton pada bulan Maret 2008.

Angka tersebut juga naik hampir 30% dari 8.534,23 ton pada bulan Februari.



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