Friday, April, 30, 2010, PT. KBN Operation Director, Riyodian B. Pratikto along with the board of management attended the ribbon cutting ceremony as part of the event to launch the new customs service office at KBN Tanjung Priok Business Unit. The ribbon was symbolically cut by head of the new customs service office, Rahmat Subagyo.

The launching of this office located within the premise of KBN Tanjung Priok Business Unit is a manifestation of synergy between PT. KBN and customs office as part of the effort to give better service to investors, especially those at the Tanjung Priok Business Unit.

"Initially, this customs office was to be located behind KBN Tanjung Priok Business but it has now been moved near the gate in order to facilitate service to the investors in dealing with documents related to customs, so that investors could get service more easily and they could spare time and money as well," said Riyodian, in his opening remark.

The launching event also included several other programs such as pemotongan tumpeng (the first cutting of a tumpeng, a traditional Indonesian cone-shaped rice dish like mountain with its side dishes (vegetables and meat) usually done as a ceremonial symbol to mark the beginning of a special event) done by Rahmat Subagyo, witnessed by representatives of investors, among others from PT. Karwell Indonesia, PT. Sainath Industrial, PT. Golden Castle, PT. Tuntex Garment and PT. Caterindo Garment. The first chunk of the tumpeng was then symbolically given to Zubaidi, Head of Document Service Office, who will work at the new customs office. (MEP)

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