Investor KBN Perluas Usaha

Investors in two Foreign KBN do business in the expanding area of PT Kawasan Industri. KBN. Expanding the business of the investor to produce a garment is made because they thought that the investment climate in Indonesia, especially in the KBN is still good even though many similar efforts in other areas that already have a knock due to the impact of the global financial crisis that began in mid-2008.

PT. Kwang Lim Indonesia and PT. Hansoll Indo Investor which is a garment from South Korea is expanding its business in the region KBN Cakung each area of 1350 m2 and 5400 m2 with total investment value of USD. 3.5 million. Consideration to the two companies embed KBN considering investment in the quality and the quality of their production is still expressed by both the buyers from the United States and Europe, so that investors still rely Foreign investment in the Industrial Area of PT. KBN.

"Our production quality is not irrespective of the role of the management area of PT. KBN in creating and maintaining services, working environment clean, safe and comfortable, because buyers in accordance with the requirements of the clean product in each production area manager and we respond to KBN with a serious desire of the buyers do with the improvement of infrastructure and pembenahan area region, "said one investor.

The hope for investors in the KBN on global financial crisis so that this does not take long until the other buyers will be interested to develop business, especially in garment, especially in KBN.

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The increasing number of residential areas in North Jakarta has called for the need to have more sanitary facilities. As a state-owned enterprise which has the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, PT KBN did its social duty by building 5 toilets in some villages in Jakarta, such as the ones in Semper Timur sub-district and Cilincing sub-district, North Jakarta.

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