Partnership Program and Environment Development which either its fund derived from the balance of after-tax profit allocation or from the budget taken into account as the cost can be simultaneously performed, however, its respective reporting is booked in separate. Though the partnership program and the environment development that its fund derived from after-tax profit allocation is changed, it is still performed in separate from the Company’s bookkeeping. The bookkeeping of the funds of partnership program and environment development that its fund derived from the budget taken into account as the cost is made pursuant to the Company’s bookkeeping mechanism and procedure.

Business Group

The establishment of fostered partner business groups is determined by its location or its operated business type. The established groups are inter alia milking-cow breeder group of Pondok Rangon, beancurd/tempe industrial group of Kampung Jati Rawamangun, merchant group of Sukapura Market, merchant group of PSPT Market of Tebet. They are established in order to enable their supervision and the development.

- Loan Fund distribution to 135 Fostered Partners and 50 Fostered Partners of Small and Middle Enterprises (SMEs) in Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi).
- Business treatment training as a form of motivation training for fostered partners, and providing comprehension in business management and business bookkeeping in simple way which is made through the cooperation with PT.Mulia Visitama Indonesia.

Environment Development

These days people’s environment awareness has already increased. Pollution problem has attracted the interest and the attention from all community segments. Every regional government obliges the companies to participate and to be responsible for the surrounding environment including the community.

Activities :
Development of the Company’s surrounding environment and community through educational aid, health improvement, worship facility building and operating fund aid, public infrastructure and facility development building.

Poverty alleviation programs to improve economic growth of the Company’s surrounding community :
- Construction of mineral water depot to distribute clean drinking water for the poor people in cooperation with Yayasan Harapan Umat (HARUM) Jakarta in Kampung Sawah, Cilincing, North Jakarta, by empowering drop-out teenagers so that they can be independent and can make a living.
- Hydroponics and catfish culture of farmer group of Marunda Flat is on purpose in order that the flat occupants and they make a living from hydroponics and catfish culture activity.
- Empowerment of members of Local Women Association (PKK) through Collective Business Group (KUBE) through the activities of making cakes and salty eggs which are easily obtained from duck breeders around the Company.
- Development of children learning group or house and Play Group available around the Company on the purpose to enhance the quality of Human Resources for the Company’s surrounding community.

As the Company’s solidarity form for its surrounding community, and in order to improve their health level, it was carried out social charity activities to celebrate the 28th anniversary of PT. KBN (Persero) in 2014 which are as follows :
- Free-of-charge medication for the Company’s surrounding community which comprises 7 (seven) locations with total aid recipients of approximately 2,082 people and 53 Integrated Health Service Posts (Posyandu).
- Free-of-charge circumcision for 25 children living around the Company.
- Collective blood transfusion with total 100 donors.